While the development sector sees umpteen number of projects and programmes being implemented, most often, the best of these remain unseen and unheard to general public, funding agencies and policy makers due to lack of visibility. Our team has been working with organizations and individuals from India and abroad in telling stories of impact of projects and programmes on a range of sectors including environment, education, livelihoods and health. 


Companies across the world are now not only aware of the responsibilities they have towards the society and the environment but also the positive influence they could have on policies in places they operate. By working closely with multiple teams both internal and external, we help in taking the stories of positive work undertaken by corporates across the world to a larger audience.


Social films capture the stories of challenges and best practices from India’s development landscape. For organizations positively impacting the lives of people, whether its funding education of underprivileged children or creating livelihood opportunities for women, we help weave engaging stories out of them. 


As more and more youngsters choose the social development sector as a career and more philanthropy initiatives come up to lend a helping hand, it becomes important to tell the future participants - whom the fellowship / grant is designed for and expected outcomes so that the right people end up at the right places. We work closely with funding agencies, philanthropists and trusts to capture the essence of fellowships & grant programs across the world. 


Campaigns form an integral part of awareness building and community outreach for any programmes in the social development sector. Our team of researchers, field practitioners, content writers, theater artists, creative directors, and film makers help design, plan, execute and document social campaigns for maximum reach. 


Video Impact Evaluations are visual documentation of impact evaluation of interventions in the social space.  Unlike mundane pages  of a report, visuals take the viewer (public, academicians, funders, shareholders) right in to the field of intervention and engage them better through voices of stakeholders.


Project / Programme documentation is an important aspect in creating a comprehensive archive material of all the process and techniques involved in undertaking a large scale social intervention. If you are looking for some one to engage with your team for extended periods of your project and video document the entire cycle and finally edit together a film, just give us a call or drop a mail. 


In the course of time we have collaborated with like minded individuals and institutions from India and abroad in covering stories which are compelling, real and often overlooked by mainstream media. If you are interested in making a documentary film on an issue close to your heart, we have an expert team who could undertake all preproduction, production and post production activities of documentary film making.